Gluten Free Pasta& Meatballs with Veggies

This is certainly use of tapping into the greatest source of creativity!… which is Pure Love!

On the journey of Gluten Free cooking for a family member, I find it’s expensive, too much salt,or not an item on list to eat etc. I improvised to make it work!

Here it is:

1/2 bag Turmeric/ chickpea Pasta cooked… organic/ GF

1 crown of organic broccoli, cooked

1/2 pound ground meat, grass fed, cooked, season as you like. Make patties or cook meat loosely in skillet.

Sauce over noodles

2TB organic GF butter

Salt&Pepper to taste

1/4 c chopped onion

1/2 Tsp turmeric

1 TB chicken bouillon

1 c water

1/4 c almond milk

In a skillet, melt butter. Add onion, sauté for minute. Pour in water, bouillon stir all together in skillet with onions. Add turmeric. Stir again. Lastly pour in almond milk for a somewhat creamy texture.

Pour over pasta. Add veggies, ground meat crumbles or patties on top.

The red stuff is ketchup !

Add your own spices, herbs,etc to suit you.

In the Kitchen,


Loving Self is Self Care

This post is a little different from the others but that’s ok!

This is for you!

Sometimes in the midst of what is going on, the changes, new mandates, family being at home, we can be stressed,our internal reserves are low, we need a break! Now!

So, I need a well deserved time out! I need time to be quiet, to self- reflect, enjoy being me!

Sometimes we need to sit, listen with our spirit to what Pure Love is sharing with us: A new song to write, ideas for a book, to reach out to the hurting, forgive someone, or Pure Love just wants time with you!

The thought of having a quiet spot, cup of tea, with cake is so inviting to me.

Determine to spend a little quality time with yourself, and Pure Love!

You’ll feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to go again with purpose.

Do not neglect you! You have given much, endured much, now spend some time loving yourself however that may be!


Use your favorite cake mix, or favorite recipe. Follow instructions. Using a bundt cake mold, greased and floured. Pour 2 or 2 1/2cups of mix into mold. Bake. Cool. Carefully turn bundt mold right side up. Place on cake platter/ stand. Shake powdered white sugar over top cake, add berries, chocolate sauce, etc.

Brew favorite tea. Follow tea box instructions.

Determine ahead of time where you want to rest. Use your favorite mug, silverware, plate, etc. Use candles, flowers, music, etc to set the tone.

This is your time! Set your alarm or timer for this! We have to make time to have time for ourselves. Just do it! No guilt or condemnation for self care!

In the Kitchen,