Easy Chicken Dinner

Hi Everyone!

The weather has been so hot and humid! Up to 103 degrees at 5 pm! That is unbearable!

I had to stop going to the nearest chicken place,hamburger drive-up because it was too hot too cook!  Plus, I’m spending too much money on a lot of empty calories!

Then, I got a little nudging in my heart! I felt as if Pure Love was telling me to use wisdom in my food  choices because of the intense heat, and to take care of my body better under the circumstances.

I had to use what I had on hand in the pantry, and fridge! Too hot to go to market!

Here goes!  Chicken Asian/Mex Dish! Yummy!IMG_4684.JPGIngredients:

1/2 container of salsa (your choice)

6-7 Grilled Paquillo peppers (or your favorite ones!)

1/2 c chopped onion

1 c fresh brocoli florets

3 boneless chicken thighs or boneless breasts, cut into bite size cubes

1 clove garlic, minced

2 tsp soy sauce (add a little at a time for your taste)

1/2- 1 tsp  cornstarch

1 Tbsp olive oil ( oil of your choice)

Get Started:

In a skillet, melt oil. Saute chicken till slightly brown. Add salsa, peppers, garlic, brocoli, soy sauce. Cover with lid for 2-3 min. Add cornstarch, then add water. Cover again. Cook 5 min or until chicken is cooked inside.

On a plate, place your rice first, then put chicken mixture on top of the rice.

Serve with salad! Dinner is ready!!


In the Kitchen,

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New Year? Pizza for Me!

Yes I did! I said it!

Homemade pizza will be on my plate whenever I feel like it! It won’t be an everyday thing only when I want it! I have decided to eat foods without restricting myself to a diet regiment. Thats so boring.

Pure Love cooking is finding what Pure Love is speaking to your heart at that moment!

I was craving something . I wanted pizza! I did not want store bought or carryout pizza.The pizza I made was inspirational. It had bits of grass fed beef, onions, basil, thyme,parmesan cheese, red& yellow peppers, along with really good pasta sauce, quick crust . Bake 15minutes. Delicious! Two servings.

No more guilty feelings!

When cooking with Pure Love there’s freedom.

No recipe follows.

In the Kitchen,

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5 Delicious Meals, using 1 chicken

Hi Everyone!

Want to get the most out of every chicken?

Here it Is !

Roast a whole body chicken or whole body rotisserie chicken! Let’s get 5 meals out of it!

My mother would have been proud!

Keep your spirit touch with Pure Love! Use your senses, creativity! Your expression of food is an extension of you!

Prep Chicken

Shred chicken, keep carcass as well. Store accordingly.

Chicken Tacos- In a skillet put handful of shred chicken, a little salsa or couple of tsp of taco season mix , small amount chopped onion, 1tsp butter or oil your choice. Add whatever you want to be creative: potato,veggies etc. Cook together.

Put on your tortilla of choice. Top with lettuce, tomato,cilantro, lettuce.

Chicken,Rice,Broccoli Bake

In a oven safe skillet, place 1 cup rice,1/4 cup of chopped onion, 1 cup broccoli fresh, 1 Tablespoon of chicken bouillon paste or 1 chicken bouillon cube, 2 cups of water, 2 tsp butter or oil of your choice. Add everything to skillet except water and bouillon. Mix water & bouillon together pour over everything in skillet. Put oven proof fitting lid on top of skillet. Bake 350 degrees for 40 min or until rice is done. Ovens vary in temperature. Remove from oven, serve warm. Serve with salad.

Chicken Pancakes with Veggies

In a bowl whisk 1 egg, add 1/2 cup chopped onion,3/4 cup chopped chicken 1/2 cup cooked broccoli or any other vegetable of your choosing( make sure it’s not watery),1potato roughly mashed cooked, add herbs(parsley or thyme) or whatever you like, salt& pepper, oil of your choice. Make patties, put oil in pan. Fry on both sides of patty. The egg in mixture must be cooked.Place on paper towels to absorb oil.

Creamy Chicken with sautéed Kale

In a pan, place 1 cup chicken, 1/2 c onion,1tbsp butter or oil of choice, 1can of cream of mushroom or cream of celery or cream of chicken soup, use according to direction. May substitute using milk or cream for richness. Mix together. Put in pot with lid on. When a little bubbly, hot. It’s done!

Sautéed Kale

Wash 2 bunches of kale, dry it. In a pan sauté 1/4 cup onion, 1 garlic clove with 1Tbsp of oil, add kale. If need more moisture to kale to keep from burning or too dry sprinkle 1 Tbsp of water over kale. Lid on. Cook till kale is tender to cut.

Chicken Soup

Using the carcass of the chicken, boil it with 2-3 quarts water in a large pot until carcass comes somewhat apart. Remove, throw away carcass. In the liquid that’s left in pot add veggies, onion, garlic, 2chicken bouillon cubes or 1-2Tbsp of bouillon paste. Add 1-2cubed potatoes, herbs(basil, thyme,etc)! Boil all till tender, with lid on. Add shredded cooked chicken to pot till warm. Serve hot

There you go! 1 Chicken, 5 ways!

With food prices getting out of hand use recipes that stretch your food dollar! Choose the best quality you can! Trust that your spirit can tap into Pure Love all the time, any time! For cooking, wisdom, creativity, ideas! Anything! Just ask! In the kitchen!