Getting Started

When starting to cook take a deep breath, relax put on your apron, flip flops and let your spirit in tune with Pure Love cooking!

Pure Love cooking is putting your senses, your whole being in the presence of Pure Love, which is the highest form of love!

Gather your food, veggies, pasta, recipe,or whatever you need! Surrender the doubt, fear! Trust that the Pure Love will guide everything you do!

Let me give an example: I only had money to buy instant noodle soup, and odds& ends in the fridge. Oh gosh! This needs a prayer! So, with all I had in my spirit, I shut out doubt and fear! I listened, and got a thought to make a noodle bake loaded with veggies, tomatoes, chicken with cheddar cheese! That was so delicious! Even though I will share my recipes, you can create your own dish by listening to Pure Love in your spirit!

Yours in the kitchen!