Glorious Golden Beet & Orange Salad

I really never liked beets until recently! My friend gave me a beautiful bunch of organic golden beets!

So, I was hesitant to do anything with them-but, I wanted to make a salad just in case I really didn’t like them.

So, Pure Love has all creativity, inspiration so I was impressed to make salad!

I liked it so much, I had a second plate!

Try it! I think you’ll like it too!

2 organic golden beets, roasted,chopped

1 Valencia orange, circular slices

1 medium size Romaine lettuce, chopped

1 red Pepper, chopped, small pieces

1 yellow Pepper, chopped small

1/4 c candied pecans, chopped

1/4 c feta cheese, crumbled

Recipe for salad dressing:

Juice of 1 orange

3 oz white balsamic vinegar

4 Tbsp honey

Put all ingredients in blender. Adjust to taste. Pour over salad. Toss.


Easy Vegetable Dinner

Have you ever wanted to eat more veggies but couldn’t make yourself do it? Or have you ever tried a veggie recipe only to throw it in the trash?

Well, I am with you on that!

I made a vegetable casserole! It was so good, I will make it again!

It’s called Ratatouille, but I made it to please me. I always encourage that you open your heart to Pure Love to give inspiration, creativity to everything you do!

You can create your own veggie favorite casserole by tapping into your heart!

I think next time I make this, I will use sweet potato,mushrooms,broccoli ( of course!)

This dish has amazing flavor. Can be served hot or cold. The flavors develop overnight. It even gets better the next day!

Ratatouille can be a filling for omelets, crepes, mixed with eggs.

Here’s my version of ratatouille:

2 med eggplant, chopped

1 large onion , chopped

1 red & 1 yellow pepper sliced

3 med zucchini, cubed 1/2 inch thick

7 sun dried tomatoes, chopped

2 -3 Tbsp tomato paste

1 bay leaf

2tsp fresh thyme leaves,or 2 tsp dried

1tsp dried oregano or 2 tsp fresh, chopped

Coriander powder 1/2 tsp

4-5 fresh basil chopped

*Garlic 4 cloves optional

Salt& Pepper

Heat 1 Tbsp olive oil and skillet over medium heat add the onions cook until soften, add garlic cloves. Put into casserole dish for oven use. Put aside.

Heat 1Tbsp olive oil in skillet. Add peppers, zucchini until translucent. Put this into same casserole dish with onion& garlic.

Now add sun-dried tomatoes with tomato paste, all your herbs,add salt and pepper. Stir everything together. Cover, and put in oven for 1 1/2 hr.

After 30 minutes, stir veggie casserole. At this point you can add more garlic or olive oil, adjust your seasoning or drain the liquids off if too soupy if you like. Bake for 1 more hour. Let it set for 15 min or so before serving.

Serves 4.

Let me know if you tried this or created your own casserole dish! I like ideas!

In the kitchen,

Easy Chicken Dinner

Hi Everyone!

The weather has been so hot and humid! Up to 103 degrees at 5 pm! That is unbearable!

I had to stop going to the nearest chicken place,hamburger drive-up because it was too hot too cook!  Plus, I’m spending too much money on a lot of empty calories!

Then, I got a little nudging in my heart! I felt as if Pure Love was telling me to use wisdom in my food  choices because of the intense heat, and to take care of my body better under the circumstances.

I had to use what I had on hand in the pantry, and fridge! Too hot to go to market!

Here goes!  Chicken Asian/Mex Dish! Yummy!IMG_4684.JPGIngredients:

1/2 container of salsa (your choice)

6-7 Grilled Paquillo peppers (or your favorite ones!)

1/2 c chopped onion

1 c fresh brocoli florets

3 boneless chicken thighs or boneless breasts, cut into bite size cubes

1 clove garlic, minced

2 tsp soy sauce (add a little at a time for your taste)

1/2- 1 tsp  cornstarch

1 Tbsp olive oil ( oil of your choice)

Get Started:

In a skillet, melt oil. Saute chicken till slightly brown. Add salsa, peppers, garlic, brocoli, soy sauce. Cover with lid for 2-3 min. Add cornstarch, then add water. Cover again. Cook 5 min or until chicken is cooked inside.

On a plate, place your rice first, then put chicken mixture on top of the rice.

Serve with salad! Dinner is ready!!


In the Kitchen,

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How to get Rid of Leftovers!

Hey!  Just wanted to share a quick post with you!

Have you ever wondered what to do with the veggie,meat,etc in the fridge? You know, all those items that you scoured meticulously over at the market that somehow were overlooked in your fridge?  Now, those items are almost unseemly!  Or, maybe,there’s a little leftover in a ziplock bag or container. Ugh, I know, it happens to me too!

I just couldn’t take it anymore! So, I decided to gather  everything that was still able to be eaten,into a cast iron skillet! (make sure you engage the spirit of Pure Love! Pure Love is resident in your spirit to help us!)

In the skillet, I added kale,onion,sweet potatoes, carrots, taco meat,corn,salsa,cauliflower, black beans, uncured beef hotdog slices, cheese, spinach with olive oil. Added a 1/4 th cup water to my leftovers. Added 1 organic egg on top of leftover mixture.Cover skillet with lid. Cook for 5-7minutes until egg is cooked, mixture warmed through!




That’s it! A great way to use veggies that need to be cooked, and leftovers that are still good!  It’s quick, easy, flavorful, and money-saving!


Be creative, your spirit knows what it likes! Trust in Pure Love to show you the way!


In the Kitchen,

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Fish Tonight! It’s Not Friday!

Growing up certain foods would be for different days! Every Saturday, all leftovers were eaten! Yuck!   On Sunday you could be sure it was fried chicken,green beans,mashed potatoes! Yum! Monday, it’s meatloaf. Tuesday was spaghetti day! Wednesdays dinner was liver& onions.Ugh! Thursday was pork chops,vegetable with baked potatoe! Here it comes! Wait for it!!…Fish Fridays! Oh boy! I loved the different types of seafood or fish fry dinners!

Decades forward…I thank God I don’t have planned meals that way! But, I eat fish whenever it strikes my spirit to do so!

Tonight, pan poached salmon, with veggies on the menu! It’s quick,easy, guiltless!

Ok here’s the recipe:

  • Salmon- in a medium skillet, one half way from top of skillet; add 1/2 fresh lemon juice, pinch of sea salt, 3 pats of butter. Place salmon in skillet/ pan. Simmer with lid on till almost done. Remove fish gently with slotted spatula so that excess liquid is not captured.Place on plate.

 Vegetables: Sauté green beans, zucchini, onion, punch of salt/pepper, splash of olive oil until tender, sauté 5 min. with lid on.

That’s it! Dinner is done! No fuss!

In the kitchen! 



Fruit in the Morning!

Hi everyone!

I had to figure out a way to get my daily fruit quota!

Sometimes I just don’t want to spend time chomping down fruit, or the apple gets brown because I’m too slow eating it!

My solution? Put everything into blender! It’s down in a couple of minutes! You can add a carrot or kale, a scoop of protein powder, uncooked oatmeal to give it a boost!

Start the day focused on the PureLove in you! Your spirit always makes the right choice for you!

Eating my fruit now!

In the kitchen,

Wanna Burger?

Hi Everyone!

A big thank you to all of you for “liking, following, commenting “my blog!

This is a new adventure for me so I appreciate you for coming along with me!

Here we go!

Wanna Burger?

It was just one of those days!… I wanted a hamburger but, I was sensing “PureLove”in my heart to go meatless for my burger!

Ok, I’ll do a Portabella mushroom burger! So, after thinking about spices, and my tastebuds, here’s the yummy burger!

I will always love a regular meat hamburger and won’t give it up but this is a nice, unexpected change!


3 Large Portabella mushrooms, diced. Remove gills.

1/2 Med purple onion diced

3/4 can drained blk beans

2 garlic cloves minced

1/4 c quinoa cooked

2 eggs beaten

Salt& pepper to your taste

1-2 Tb steak sauce( your choice)

1 tsp Steak seasoning herbs,(look in spice section in store)

1/2 C broccoli chopped

1/2C parmesan cheese diced or shredded

Dash of worchestshire. sauce *optional

Beat eggs, put aside.

In a large bowl add all other ingredients. Add eggs to mixture. Mix well. If mixture is too watery add a little bit more bean or quinoa. If too dry add a little tsp of liquid( broth, water) to desired consistency.

Form your patties. Put on plate till frying them

In a pan/ skillet add 1TB oil of choice. Heat it up.

Fry the burgers till inside are cooked.


In the kitchen!

New Year? Pizza for Me!

Yes I did! I said it!

Homemade pizza will be on my plate whenever I feel like it! It won’t be an everyday thing only when I want it! I have decided to eat foods without restricting myself to a diet regiment. Thats so boring.

Pure Love cooking is finding what Pure Love is speaking to your heart at that moment!

I was craving something . I wanted pizza! I did not want store bought or carryout pizza.The pizza I made was inspirational. It had bits of grass fed beef, onions, basil, thyme,parmesan cheese, red& yellow peppers, along with really good pasta sauce, quick crust . Bake 15minutes. Delicious! Two servings.

No more guilty feelings!

When cooking with Pure Love there’s freedom.

No recipe follows.

In the Kitchen,

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New Years Resolution: No Diets!

Hello 2019!

What is going to be different this year?  I’ve decided to not make Any resolutions regarding  diets! In recent years there were so many  diets I tried!  Oh gosh! It only lasted a few weeks then FLOP! I would be riddled in guilt, self degradation, etc! I hope many of you can relate!

This year it will be focusing on” Self Care”! It’s so time to make an exodus from what everyone else is doing or not doing ! We are unique, our bodies differ in upkeep! Our lifestyles vary!

This year is the time to really seek what “PureLove” has for your Self Care ! Our spirit person is always longing to be in perfect alignment with “PureLove”!  PureLove knows what exactly you need, you were made in the essence of PureLove so everything will be  tailor made just for you!


For my self care it will be  a fruit/ veggie smoothie, hydrate more, enjoy food in small portions, and dessert when its something special that I love!


Recipe for fruit/veggie smoothie:

1 cup chopped  cantaloupe

1 cup spinach (organic)

1 scoop plain protein powder * optional

1/2 c orange juice

Add little water or few ice cubes

Blend all ingredients till smooth. Serve


Self-Care is loving yourself through the essence of PureLove!


Yours in the kitchen,

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Easy Weeknight Dinner!

How many times have you wanted to have a great tasting meal but thought you don’t have energy or a lot of time!

Here’s a tasty, quick meal for you! Vegetable Romano!

You can add ground beef or chicken for options! I did!

A family recipe!

Vegetable Romano


1/2 lb  grass fed beef, 3 cup chopped zucchini, 1 cup chopped tomatoes drained well, 1 cup chopped onion, 1/2 c shredded Romano cheese, 3Tb butter (or your oil of choice), 2 Tb of fresh Thyme, salt& pepper to taste. Option: Cook your type of rice or grain!

Prepare to cook your choice rice or grain. Saute ground beef with one half of onions, use other half later, and 1 Tb of thyme. Use rest of thyme or other herbs you choose later with zucchini. Remove oil after sauteeing if necessary. Put meat,onion aside. Saute zucchini and rest of onion in butter(or oil of choice) for 10 minutes. Add drained tomatoes, rest of herbs continue cooking over low heat for 5 minutes. Add beef or chicken to mixture. Add salt & pepper. Sprinkle Romano cheese. Caution do not overcook veggies. Serve promptly.

Please let me know what happen when you tapped into PURE LOVE to use your imagination / creativity!

Yours In the Kitchen,

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