Gluten Free Pasta& Meatballs with Veggies

This is certainly use of tapping into the greatest source of creativity!… which is Pure Love!

On the journey of Gluten Free cooking for a family member, I find it’s expensive, too much salt,or not an item on list to eat etc. I improvised to make it work!

Here it is:

1/2 bag Turmeric/ chickpea Pasta cooked… organic/ GF

1 crown of organic broccoli, cooked

1/2 pound ground meat, grass fed, cooked, season as you like. Make patties or cook meat loosely in skillet.

Sauce over noodles

2TB organic GF butter

Salt&Pepper to taste

1/4 c chopped onion

1/2 Tsp turmeric

1 TB chicken bouillon

1 c water

1/4 c almond milk

In a skillet, melt butter. Add onion, sauté for minute. Pour in water, bouillon stir all together in skillet with onions. Add turmeric. Stir again. Lastly pour in almond milk for a somewhat creamy texture.

Pour over pasta. Add veggies, ground meat crumbles or patties on top.

The red stuff is ketchup !

Add your own spices, herbs,etc to suit you.

In the Kitchen,


Gluten Free Soup…

I’m cooking gluten free for a family member!

A lot of the GF items in the store are over priced, tasteless, overly salty!

So now I have to get more creative and rely on Pure Love more!

Hence, my first attempt on GF soup!

Here we go:

1 small baked sweet potato, cut in chunks

2 bunch of broccoli

1/2 cup onion, chopped

2 Tbsp cilantro,chopped

1 carrot, sliced

1 garlic clove, diced

3 kale leaves

2 scallion, chopped

Sprigs of thyme (herb)

1 radish

2 cup chicken broth

GF noodles( use package instruction for cooking)

Chicken patty, cooked


Bake sweet potato 20 minutes or until soft, put aside to cool.

In a skillet add 2 tablespoons of Grapeseed oil to medium heat.Add carrots, onion, broccoli to heated skillet, sauté till half way cooked.

Take sweet potato that has cooled, remove skin, dice it into half and cubes or chunks. Add sweet potato with veggies already in skillet.

Get a medium soup pot, pour in all chicken broth. Add all veggies from skillet into pan with chicken broth. Put thyme, your own seasonings in pot. Add your choice of GF noodles to chicken broth.Bring to boil for 5-7 min.

Take already cooked GF chicken patty, chop into small pieces, torn kale leaves, garlic, cilantro put into the heated soup mixture. No more boiling of the soup please! The soup is hot enough to wilt, heat the last ingredients added.

Adjust your seasonings.

When broth is in a bowl, add sliced radish, scallion.

This soup was flavorful, satisfying, warming!

Try your version of this!

In the Kitchen,

More Veggies Please!

I’d never would believe that those words would come from my child!

Why not? It’s Springtime! Everything is on momentous change!

More veggies on the plate calls for more creative ideas from Pure Love!

Here it is!

Cauliflower! The new veggie in the house!

There are so many ways to cook this.

This side dish is healthy, easy, budget friendly.


Organic small- medium cauliflower, cut, boiled approx 7 min or till tender

Organic olive oil – 4 Tbsp

Organic cilantro- 1/4 c chopped

Organic onion- 1/2 c chopped

Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup shred

1 garlic clove minced

Kale 4-5 leaves torn small

Garlic powder- 2-3 shakes

Organic thyme- 2-3 sprigs

Boil cauliflower seven minutes or till tender. Drain.

In a skillet heat olive oil, add onion and garlic sauté two minutes on a medium heat. Make sure it does not burn.

Add cauliflower, use a fork to crumble it into small pieces.

Add cilantro,cheese, salt garlic ,pepper,thyme, garlic to taste or any other seasoning that works with your creativity.

Cook on a mediumheat. Add a little water approx 1/8 cup to mixture.

Add kale pieces to skillet.

Adjust seasonings. Cover with lid. Cook few minutes.

A great side dish to accompany anything!

That’s it! Try it! Let me know how you did!

In the Kitchen,

Breakfast from Dinner Leftovers!

I really do not know what to call this! It sort of looks like Huevos Ranchero but not! Maybe it has a name? Let me know!

Trying to extend the time I go to the market, the use of leftovers is now practical, tastes good, budget friendly!

This is one of the best leftover breakfasts!

Here’s how to do it!

This is all last nights leftovers… the tortillas, poached egg were cooked fresh in the morning!

Leftover refried beans, taco meat heated in pot.

Boil or poach an egg to your liking.

Cut avocado in small wedges

Top with salsa, sour cream.

Pan fry the tortilla with a little oil of your choice.

Voila! That’s a easy breakfast that you can enjoy!

Simple, filling, warm!

Try it! Or get creative, ask Pure Love for ideas!

Tell me how you did !

In the Kitchen,

A Little French Flair

I was in the mood for a little bit of French food but of course,using creativity, and what I had in my pantry it was tasty, savory, somewhat a French flair dish.

Tuna Casserole

This is a quick dish! Pretty much!

Ingredients: 5-6 med Broccoli florets ,1tuna(canned),1 piece sour dough bread,1 cup cheese Parmesan or Gruyere or Swiss cheese , 2-3 tbsp butter,1/4 c milk, dash salt & pepper, 1/4 c onions, dash of nutmeg.


Cook your pasta noodles, according to manufactures instructions. Set aside.

Lightly steam veggies of your choice. Set aside.

Your favorite bread, use one slice. Put butter on bread, put in oven to toast. Cut bread into cubes. Set aside.

In a sauce pan, place 2 Tbsp butter to melt. Watch the pan, it burns quickly !

Adding to your sauce pan, 1cup cheese to the butter. Stir gently. Add 1/4 c milk or ( half& half)to the mixture, continue stirring. Add 2 tsp of flour to mixture to thicken over medium heat. Add your cooked pasta, veggies,onions,tuna to the cheese sauce. Add a dash of nutmeg to mixture. Stir together. This is my version of a white ( béchamel) sauce.

Prepare a buttered oven proof dish.

Pour all ingredients into your dish. Place croutons over top.

Add cheese as a topping.Bake for 20 minutes, until bubbly. Let cool.

You can use cooked rotisserie chicken or salmon (canned), just use veggies only!

Get creative! Pure Love is always guiding us in our heart for creativity, and everything to help us.

Let me know your version, and how Pure Love gave you inspiration.

In the Kitchen,

Loving Self is Self Care

This post is a little different from the others but that’s ok!

This is for you!

Sometimes in the midst of what is going on, the changes, new mandates, family being at home, we can be stressed,our internal reserves are low, we need a break! Now!

So, I need a well deserved time out! I need time to be quiet, to self- reflect, enjoy being me!

Sometimes we need to sit, listen with our spirit to what Pure Love is sharing with us: A new song to write, ideas for a book, to reach out to the hurting, forgive someone, or Pure Love just wants time with you!

The thought of having a quiet spot, cup of tea, with cake is so inviting to me.

Determine to spend a little quality time with yourself, and Pure Love!

You’ll feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to go again with purpose.

Do not neglect you! You have given much, endured much, now spend some time loving yourself however that may be!


Use your favorite cake mix, or favorite recipe. Follow instructions. Using a bundt cake mold, greased and floured. Pour 2 or 2 1/2cups of mix into mold. Bake. Cool. Carefully turn bundt mold right side up. Place on cake platter/ stand. Shake powdered white sugar over top cake, add berries, chocolate sauce, etc.

Brew favorite tea. Follow tea box instructions.

Determine ahead of time where you want to rest. Use your favorite mug, silverware, plate, etc. Use candles, flowers, music, etc to set the tone.

This is your time! Set your alarm or timer for this! We have to make time to have time for ourselves. Just do it! No guilt or condemnation for self care!

In the Kitchen,

Dinner from the Grill

Still the temperatures are soaring, lazy days, no one at home wants to cook but, everyone wants to eat!

So, we grill outside, early evening. We wanted food but not a heavy meal. Veggies, salad to the rescue!

Easy to do!

Find a marinade that suits your taste. There are many to choose from. For example: Hickory Smoke,Lemon& Cilantro,Soy sauce, sweet& sour,Italian dressings,etc or simply tap into the creative power of PureLove for your unique marinade!


Wash assorted produce. Dry. Cut into chunks, that are for your liking.

Using a container, pour in 1/2 cup of your choice of marinade.

Add veggies to marinade. Cover. Let the veggies marinade for 20 min- 60 min.

Remove veggies from marinade, tap off any extra that drips

According to your grill instructions, use their guidelines for preparing grill for your veggies.

I brushed a grape seed oil on grates of the grill to prevent sticking. The coals were a medium temperature.

Put veggies on grill, turn them over when there are grill marks on one side. These will cook quickly, stay close by.

Remove from grill, put on platter. Add extra seasonings to taste.

Include a salad, crusty bread, or whatever!…

Dinner is done! Relax!

Spend some time with PureLove!

In the Kitchen,

Sharon’s Spicy Spaghetti Creation

It’s been a while since I posted, during that time, there was passing of a family member, and family needed my attention.

So, when life looks like it’s coming apart and we can’t control what is happening… Hold tight to PureLove! You’ll get through it!

Enough said…

I’m so excited! One of my readers decided to take the plunge and let Pure Love guide her to create a delicious, spicy pasta dish!

It’s so easy, quick to prepare, especially in summer heat!


1 -Red, green peppers, sliced, sautéed

1 small onion, sliced

1 Beef kielbasa,sliced

1cup fresh spinach

1 can black olives

2-Tbsp olive oil

1-pkg of pasta (your choice)

1/2 cup Italian dressing

1/2 c parmesan cheese, shaved


Boil choice of pasta to your liking or according to package.Rinse. Set aside.

Sauté veggies, onion, with 1Tbsp olive oil in pan, till soft. Set aside.

Sauté sliced kielbasa, until warmed through. Set aside.

Place pasta in serving dish, add warmed veggies, kielbasa, etc in pasta dish. Add olives,tomatoes,and spinach(some prefer to use heat from the dish to warm spinach instead of sautéing) to dish. Mix well with Italian dressing. Add shaved Parmesan cheese.

This is great! A healthy quick meal that can be improvised to your own tastes too.

That’s the creativity of Pure Love!

I would like to know if you tried this recipe.

Thank you Sharon! You’re definitely listening to Pure Love for ideas!

In the Kitchen,

Leftovers in Salad

Sometimes you have to use what you have and be creative!

There were several leftover odds and ends in the fridge so I decided to create a dinner salad using leftovers!

It was delicious, and filling!

Determine what you could tolerate in your salad!… Everyone has different taste!


Using leftover sweet potatoes,cauliflower florets, cooked ground beef, chopped onion,beans, cheese,carrots, these were the ingredients for the salad.

Next, add your choice of lettuce.

Then add your favorite dressing.

I used a chili lime dressing which was refreshing with the potatoes, and topped it off with a splash of olive oil!

It’s simple, budget friendly, and tasted great!

There are so many combinations that you could use!

Example: Leftover cooked fish, green beans, Mac& cheese. Just a thought!

Use your imagination, and get inspiration from Pure Love!

I would love to hear your ideas!

In the Kitchen,