Breakfast from Dinner Leftovers!

I really do not know what to call this! It sort of looks like Huevos Ranchero but not! Maybe it has a name? Let me know!

Trying to extend the time I go to the market, the use of leftovers is now practical, tastes good, budget friendly!

This is one of the best leftover breakfasts!

Here’s how to do it!

This is all last nights leftovers… the tortillas, poached egg were cooked fresh in the morning!

Leftover refried beans, taco meat heated in pot.

Boil or poach an egg to your liking.

Cut avocado in small wedges

Top with salsa, sour cream.

Pan fry the tortilla with a little oil of your choice.

Voila! That’s a easy breakfast that you can enjoy!

Simple, filling, warm!

Try it! Or get creative, ask Pure Love for ideas!

Tell me how you did !

In the Kitchen,

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