Leftovers in Salad

Sometimes you have to use what you have and be creative!

There were several leftover odds and ends in the fridge so I decided to create a dinner salad using leftovers!

It was delicious, and filling!

Determine what you could tolerate in your salad!… Everyone has different taste!


Using leftover sweet potatoes,cauliflower florets, cooked ground beef, chopped onion,beans, cheese,carrots, these were the ingredients for the salad.

Next, add your choice of lettuce.

Then add your favorite dressing.

I used a chili lime dressing which was refreshing with the potatoes, and topped it off with a splash of olive oil!

It’s simple, budget friendly, and tasted great!

There are so many combinations that you could use!

Example: Leftover cooked fish, green beans, Mac& cheese. Just a thought!

Use your imagination, and get inspiration from Pure Love!

I would love to hear your ideas!

In the Kitchen,


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