Fish Tonight! It’s Not Friday!

Growing up certain foods would be for different days! Every Saturday, all leftovers were eaten! Yuck!   On Sunday you could be sure it was fried chicken,green beans,mashed potatoes! Yum! Monday, it’s meatloaf. Tuesday was spaghetti day! Wednesdays dinner was liver& onions.Ugh! Thursday was pork chops,vegetable with baked potatoe! Here it comes! Wait for it!!…Fish Fridays! Oh boy! I loved the different types of seafood or fish fry dinners!

Decades forward…I thank God I don’t have planned meals that way! But, I eat fish whenever it strikes my spirit to do so!

Tonight, pan poached salmon, with veggies on the menu! It’s quick,easy, guiltless!

Ok here’s the recipe:

  • Salmon- in a medium skillet, one half way from top of skillet; add 1/2 fresh lemon juice, pinch of sea salt, 3 pats of butter. Place salmon in skillet/ pan. Simmer with lid on till almost done. Remove fish gently with slotted spatula so that excess liquid is not captured.Place on plate.

 Vegetables: Sauté green beans, zucchini, onion, punch of salt/pepper, splash of olive oil until tender, sauté 5 min. with lid on.

That’s it! Dinner is done! No fuss!

In the kitchen! 




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