Wanna Burger?

Hi Everyone!

A big thank you to all of you for “liking, following, commenting “my blog!

This is a new adventure for me so I appreciate you for coming along with me!

Here we go!

Wanna Burger?

It was just one of those days!… I wanted a hamburger but, I was sensing “PureLove”in my heart to go meatless for my burger!

Ok, I’ll do a Portabella mushroom burger! So, after thinking about spices, and my tastebuds, here’s the yummy burger!

I will always love a regular meat hamburger and won’t give it up but this is a nice, unexpected change!


3 Large Portabella mushrooms, diced. Remove gills.

1/2 Med purple onion diced

3/4 can drained blk beans

2 garlic cloves minced

1/4 c quinoa cooked

2 eggs beaten

Salt& pepper to your taste

1-2 Tb steak sauce( your choice)

1 tsp Steak seasoning herbs,(look in spice section in store)

1/2 C broccoli chopped

1/2C parmesan cheese diced or shredded

Dash of worchestshire. sauce *optional

Beat eggs, put aside.

In a large bowl add all other ingredients. Add eggs to mixture. Mix well. If mixture is too watery add a little bit more bean or quinoa. If too dry add a little tsp of liquid( broth, water) to desired consistency.

Form your patties. Put on plate till frying them

In a pan/ skillet add 1TB oil of choice. Heat it up.

Fry the burgers till inside are cooked.


In the kitchen!


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